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SV is Connecting to the Future of 5G Wireless Mobile Communications with Millimeter Wave Frequencies!

SV offers a variety of millimeter wave connectors (mmWave) for 5G wireless mobile communication development and production.  Our high frequency (26 GHz and beyond) threaded RF connectors offer industry leading signal fidelity in the 5G frequency spectrum and unique packaging designs for high density requirements including in house tape and reel.  Let SV Microwave be your partner in 5G product development enabling the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution. 

Check Out SV's High Frequency SMPS Multiport Edge Launch Connectors!

SV Microwave’s RF/coaxial SMPS multiport edge launch connectors are ideal for high frequency (up to 100 GHz) PCB applications where density is of the utmost importance. The SMPS connector utilizes the same great features and high performance of the SMP and SMPM connector series in an even smaller package! For more information, click here.


SV's High Frequency Coaxial PCB Connectors are Available Now!

SV has more coaxial PCB available through distribution than EVER before!  SV Microwave’s PCB connector designs are ideal for high density applications, while allowing for axial and radial misalignment to compensate for tolerance stack up.

SV is Now Franchised with Farnell element14 & Newark element14!

SV Microwave is excited to announce the signing of a distribution agreement with Farnell element14 & Newark element14.  They will extend SV’s catalog and new product offerings to reach new markets and customers and to facilitate new design wins especially in the EMEA market.

Farnell element14 & Newark element14 are already stocking several SV products and will continue to increase their SV inventory in the coming months.


Farnell element14 & Newark element14 are high-service distributors of technology products, services and solutions for electronic system design, maintenance and repair.  Bringing together the latest products, services, and development software, all connected to an innovative online engineering community where purchasers and engineers can access peers and experts, a wide range of independent technical information and helpful tools.

Whether researching a new technology, designing an electronic product, or looking for parts to repair an existing system, we are the trusted global source to find the answers and parts you need to keep your project on the fast track, right from the start.

Check Out SV's Newest 2018 Product Catalog Today!

We just released our latest Product Catalog which combines all of our most popular series (Coaxial Contacts, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, 1.85mm, SMA, SMP, SMPM and SMPS) into one catalog. We have also added a cable assemblies section! Each part number in the latest version can be easily purchased through distribution.

Additionally, the digital edition includes part number hyperlinks that connect to their respective website landing page.  Each part number landing page shows stock availability and technical specs, allows the user to download the data drawing, request a quote, and more. 

Heilind Electronics is now Stocking SV Products!

SV Microwave is excited to announce the signing of a distribution agreement with Heilind Electronics.  With Heilind's expertise in the connector industry, they will extend SV’s reach to new markets and customers to facilitate new design wins.  Additionally, Heilind was presented with Amphenol's 2016 Best North American Performance in Distribution award by CEO, Adam Norwitt. 

Heilind Electronics is already stocking several SV products and will continue to increase their SV inventory in the months ahead.

Announcing SV's High Performance Wedge TNC!

SV Microwave manufactures high performance Wedge TNC connectors that incorporate a unique tapered dielectric design. This distinctive design allows the mating connectors’ dielectrics to physically overlap which effectively minimizes air gaps and generates a longer voltage path for improved voltage breakdown.  The Wedge TNC allows for outstanding passive intermodulation (PIM) performance due to the tapered dielectric design feature and the tri-alloy plated brass connector body.


Mouser is now Stocking our High Speed, High Density Coaxial Eval Kit! Test the FeatherMate Connection Solution Today!

Our FM-EVALKIT is exclusively available at Mouser Electronics!  





SV's FeatherMate Interconnect System is now available in a complete Evaluation Kit (Part Number: FM-EVALKIT)!  

Our kit includes everything required to sufficiently test the connector and PCB launch:

  1. 4 Port FeatherMate connector to (4) 2.92mm (SVK) male 6.0" Ø.047 cable assemblies
  2. Printed Circuit Board with FeatherMate hardware and (4) female 2.92mm (SVK) edge launch connectors
  3. Hex Tool for installation / removal
  4. USB drive with application specifications