SV Microwave, Inc has a series of armored RF cable assemblies that are of particular benefit in environments with harsh conditions, such as ground vehicle communications systems.
 The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), the world's largest, most powerful, and complex space science telescope ever built. It is designed to help scientists identify potential life signatures on other planets by detecting ammonia around six gas dwarf planets after just a few orbits.
SV Microwave, Inc has added a product line of SMP spring bullets.
SV Microwave, Inc has added a new and expanded line of VITA 67.3 SMPS coaxial/RF products.
SV Microwave has added encrypted models to our website. Now, CST and HFSS models are available as either a downloadable file or are available by request for every single PCB connector.
SV Microwave, as part of Amphenol Military & Aerospace, has just released a brand new video that clearly explains our VITA 67.3 product line offering. Learn how our VITA 67 interconnects power and route signals between embedded systems modules in the video below. 
SV Microwave honored TTI, Inc. with the “2020 Distributor of the Year” award for their outstanding performance for the second year in a row.  This award is based on point of sale (POS) growth, program support, customer reach, engagement efforts, market expansion, and more. 
SV Microwave, Inc has added even more connectors and cable type options to its Rapid Response Cable Assemblies builder.
SV Microwave, Inc has expanded our VITA 67.3 product offering to include more variations. The VITA 67.3 product line now contains six new SMPS and SMPM fixed-length cable assembly configurations in addition to three new male contacts.
Amphenol SV Microwave, Inc has released new information a new Application Note describing the features and benefits of its Keyed SMA cable assemblies.