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BZ Male to SMA Male Adapter, Spring Loaded

Part Number SF1122-6102

 BZ Male  to SMA Male Adapter, Spring Loaded

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*Technical specifications are generic to the product series and are not part number specific.
Impedance 50Ω
Frequency12 GHz (18 GHz versions available)
VSWR 1.02 + .005 f
Insertion Loss .03 √ f
Shielding Effectiveness -90 dB
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 1500 VRMS
Mating Cycles 500
Insertion Force 32.0 oz
Withdrawal Force 20.0 oz
Radial Misalignment (Rigid Mount) ± .004"
Radial Misalignment (Float Mount) ± .020"
Temperature Rating -65°C to +125°C
Corrosion (Salt Spray) MIL-STD-202, Method 101, Condition B
Vibration MIL-STD-202, Method 204, Condition D, 20 Gs
Shock MIL-STD-202, Method 213, Condition I, 100 Gs
Thermal Shock MIL-STD-202, Method 107. Cond. B, -65°C to +125°C
Moisture Resistance MIL-STD-202, Method 106, Less Step 7B
Barometric Pressure (Altitude) MIL-STD-202, Method 105, Condition C, 70k Ft.
  • Global Positioning System
  • VICS (electric wave beacon) Antenna Connection
  • Electronic Warfare (EW) Systems
Features and Benefits
  • Blindmate / push on design (RFfortless®)
  • High-power connector

The BZ connector is a high-power blindmate connector with slide-on mating. This originally designated PMA blindmate by Automatic has PTFE dielectric interface, telescoping insulators and wiping outer contacts. BZ blindmate connector applications include GPS navigation systems and antenna connections. The BZ blindmate connector is a mechanically ruggedized blindmate and can handle 6.7 KW to 2 GHz.