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International Representatives

SV Microwave
Areas Covered: Israel
Doug Snader


SV Microwave
Areas Covered: East Asia (Japan, Korea, China)
Dominic Kang


SV Microwave
Areas Covered: Europe + Turkey
Federico A. Sangregorio, Europe Sales Manager


Amphenol Austria
Christian Czesch' European AMAO distribution manager 
+43 699 10396071
Areas Covered: Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romainia, Slovakia, Poland (CEE)
Benamin Koller 
+43 660 9114805


Areas Covered: Spain, Portugal
Enrique Salgado
+34 650 610870


Amphenol International Ltd.
Areas Covered: Turkey & Middle East
Hakan Saracoglu


Amphenol Italia 
Areas Covered: Adriatic
Fabio Visaggio

+39 340 8213852


Amphenol Benelux
Areas Covered: The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg
Hans Ten Katen


Amphenol Omniconnect India
Areas Covered: India
N Rajesh


Amphenol RF Asia
Areas Covered: Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore
UH Lim

Amphenol Scandinavia
Areas Covered: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark
Peter Sandberg 
+46 731 256808


Amphenol Socapex
Areas Covered: France
+33 4 50 89 28 00


Amphenol-Air LB
Areas Covered: Germany
+49 6831 98100