SV Microwave offers a variety of millimeter wave and SMPx connectors and terminations for 5G mobile communication development and production.
SV Microwave, Inc. has just announced its top-selling RF interconnects for the last twelve months. ​These RF interconnects represent our most popular high quality, durable and high-frequency RF products across adapters, connectors, cable assemblies and components across millimeter wave and SMPx series.
SV Microwave, Inc. has partnered with sister division Amphenol Invotec to create high-speed printed circuit boards with SV's SMPx connectors.
SV Microwave, Inc. has just released a new video that explains what our pre-tinned PCB connectors are and when it is best to use them.
SV Microwave, Inc.'s conformable RF cable assemblies can be easily hand-formed to determine cable bends during installation.
SV Microwave, Inc. has just released a new video that explains how to use our specialized tooling for SMPM adapters and connectors.
SV Microwave, Inc. has added a new capability to its RF cable assemblies arsenal. ConvergeRF seamlessly transitions from Ø.086" to Ø.047" cable types through a direct solder connection.
SV Microwave, Inc. offers fixed-length keyed SMA cable assemblies in four unique keying configurations. 
SV Microwave Inc. manufactures precision, durable and high-performance adapters and connectors across different RF series. Below is a selection of our most top-selling adapters and connectors. Take a look and then view our entire selection here. 
SV Microwave, Inc's product line for field replaceable 2 and 4 hole connectors is now in stock.